Are Nail Clippers Bad For Nails?

Are Nail Clippers Bad For Nails?
Are Nail Clippers Bad For Nails?

Are nail clippers bad for nails?, Nail clippers are one of the most commonly used devices that helps keep our nails neat and clean. Throughout the years, nail clippers have proved its worth to many in keeping their skin healthy. Having this being said, nail clippers have evolved from its simple look back then.

Are nail clippers bad for nails? Using nail clippers for nails isn’t bad at all. But if you use the same nail clipper on your fingernails and toenails, that’s the time that it’s bad because experts say that it’s a great way to spread fungus and bacteria.

As you read on, you will learn that using nail clippers to nails isn’t bad at all. But there is also research that is contrary to this belief, and we will tackle that here too. And we will also give you tips on how to cut your nails perfectly.

It’s Okay To Use Nail Clippers On Nails

They say that our nails and cuticles are a part of the body that is a potential entry point like the others. Meaning anything that’s on your clippers can get into your body. That’s why many would recommend using different clippers on your fingernails and toenails.

It’s to avoid spreading any fungus and bacteria that might enter into your body. That when it successfully enters, it causes bad odors and painful infections.

To avoid this, you should remember to have your own set of nail care tools. In this tool, there should be separate devices for hands and feet. You should also practice regular sanitation with a disinfectant before and every after use. Because if you won’t, some gross stuff will stay there, and they will grow and multiply.

But there is also research that says, no matter how clean and new your nail clipper is, it’s still bad for nails. Because they believe that it’s still a machete for your nails, that when used, it creates cracking, fissures, and tears in your nails. Though it may be invisible, in the end, it can lead to peeling, breaking, and cracking.

That is why there are people who wouldn’t recommend using it in their everyday nail routine, but instead, filing them is better. When filing the nails, it’ll help keep your nails intact. But if you can’t help yourself to clip it, you can cut them longer to what you want. And then, just file the last bit of your nail’s length.

Cutting Your Nails Perfectly

Below are some steps you can do to cut your nails successfully:

1. Stars on the side of the nail facing your thumb, then make a small clip about 1/3 across at an angle. Position the clippers pointed toward the upper, opposite to the corner of your nails. So you can prevent it from snapping.

2. Make another cut about 1/3 across the top

3. Finish it with the last clip. It is either straight across or slightly curved in the other direction.

4. After it, use your favorite nail file to finish the edges. There are different right shapes when filing your nails on the internet, just choose what you think best suits you.


Overall, it’s not bad to use a nail clipper to your nail as long as you have separate clippers for fingernails and toenails. That using nail clippers regularly for nail routine isn’t recommended by some because it can damage your nails but, instead, use a file. But whatever the reasons are, remember that your main goal is to keep yourself healthy and safe than being beautiful.


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