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  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: These body cleansing pads will safely pull toxins from the body through the soles of your feet. The best part is, they are made with all-natural ingredients! Some of the ingredients we include are: globular wood vinegar, eucalyptus, tourmaline (mineral), and menthol (peppermint). Unlike cheap imitations, Verseo’s cleansing pads use optimum blending ratios for the best results.
  • TOURMALINE FOR CLEANSING: Tourmaline is a natural mineral that is found in the rainforests of Brazil and possesses the ability to generate negative ions, which are thought to have a soothing effect on your body. The various acupressure meridian points for many vital organs are located on the sole of the foot and these generated ions stimulate those areas, improving your body’s overall circulation.
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: You can trust that these pads work, because a lot of time and research has been put into their development. In fact, Japanese scientists have worked for over 24 years to develop this innovative technology, making these premium cleansing foot pads one of the best on the market. This unique blend of ingredients helps provide stress relief, improved circulation, and much more!
  • HOW THEY WORK: Although these pads can be applied to other areas of the body, it’s best to apply them to the feet. This is because feet have over 60 reflexology meridian points, making them the best place to apply these energy patches. Gravity and your body’s natural defense system push toxins away from your organs, which is yet another reason the foot is the best area of extraction.
  • VERSEO QUALITY: Verseo, Inc. is a company based in New York. We create and manufacture some of the highest-quality health, wellness, and beauty products on the market. Each of our products is made by people like you who care about their work and the impact they can have on the world! You’ll love any product you get from Verseo because we always keep your happiness and safety in mind.

Bamboo Vinegar Foot Pads by Pure Sole Foot & Body | All Natural & Premium Ingredients for Best Relief & Results | Apply, Sleep & Feel Better | No Stress Packaging | 10 Pack - Buy 2 Get More Off

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  • #1 PREMIUM FORMULA w/ NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We use the best of mother nature in our Pure Sole foot pads. Bamboo vinegar, tourmaline a natural mineral with the addition of Vitamin C, the great antioxidant we all know and love. We avoid synthetic and artificial ingredients. A great mint patch alternative.
  • EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS: Pure Sole bamboo vinegar foot pads makes it a #1 priority to provide our customers with a top product they can trust. Ingredients and manufacturers are carefully chosen for optimal health benefits. Improve energy, immunity, sleep and relief aid to enhance relaxation, stimulate the removal of nasty bacteria that cause foot odors. It’s like a foot spa in a patch!
  • QUANTITY RANGE TO FIT YOU: We offer our Bamboo Vinegar Foot Pads in multiple quantity varieties. We try to meet your needs, be it large or small. You can purchase either a 10 count which comes with 10 pads and 10 adhesive patches, or 30 count which comes with 30 pads and 30 adhesive patches, or 60 count which comes with 60 pads and 60 adhesive patches.
  • A GREAT FOOT ODOR ELIMINATOR: The bamboo vinegar foot pad is great at removing excess moisture from your foot and body. Simply cleanse the surface of your foot before applying and let the foot pads help reduce that pesky foot odor. Eliminate the stinky smell from your feet.
  • THE PURE SOLE GUARANTEE: Our foot pads are your number one choice, and we deliver customer satisfaction with results. If not, you can get your money back! Pure Sole stands behind our bamboo vinegar products. Any issue, we will resolve now and forever. Check out our Aroma Pure Sole Bamboo Vinegar Foot Pads in 12 and 60 pack quantities.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath SPA Machine System Plus Panel Control + Massage Tub 2 Arrays by Healcity

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  • 1.This ionic detox foot bath machine with foot tub basin is really good for your home use, save $49 to buy the professional foot tub. It is easy to use, you just need to press the on/off button on control panel.
  • 2.This detox foot spa machine has self-protected function. When it reaches the work current, the machine will stop working itself. This foot bath spa system will remove the unwanted toxins, make your body and mind refreshed.
  • 3.This foot detox machine has two rollers in the bottom, your foot can be in massager when you are detoxing. The detoxification process is an amazing experience to lighten your whole body by bathing your feet in warm water.
  • 4.Purely water reaction without any side effect for this foot spa system. Output voltage is DC 12V, safe and effective. All the accessories are in the package, just connect them and use! One year warranty! Free Tech support! You can use it confident.
  • 5.This ionic detox foot tub color is white that make it easier to view color changes of the water. Hard plastic casing with high quality finish is durable. The purple part of the tub can be removed. You can put the tub liners on the tub easily.


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