Blue Textures
Blue Textures

Blue Nails Design, I’ve got something really special for you this week and it’s a design I’ve been wanting to try out for a while it’s a beautiful velvet effect mani with crystals and caviar beads and then underneath it’s gorgeous Swarovski crystals.

Are these my natural Nails?

I’ve had so many questions on my recent posts asking if these are my natural nails and yes they are but I do use a layer of gel to skyscraper foundation gel over the top to strengthen them as always.

How to start

We’re going to start by cleansing the nails after filing and after my mother-in-law had a word with me:

I needed to start painting my right hand before I did my tutorial so I have done listening to her.

Thank You, Jen, no mother-in-law jokes please I love my mother-in-law very very dearly unfortunately though. I didn’t wait for my nail polish to dry before I started so already and putting dings in it.

1- I’m starting with my usual peel off base coat and full links to all the products are in the description apply a thin layer to all ten nails and allowed to dry do also remember, just to cap those edges too now this is a two-stage design if you like you can just do the design on the top of the nail and not the crystals underneath, but if you do want to do the crystals in Deniz just remember to clean the underside of your nails.

2- This Aruba blue is one of my absolute favorite colors however it does require three coats, I’ve had a lot of comments recently asking about why paint nails the way I do as opposed to this traditional three-stage process and that’s because,

3- I find by dabbing color especially bold color like this around the cuticle area first especially on the first coat you get a super neat design up here and then just make sure you try and draw it over quickly because I pulled out the hair you can see it started to dry slightly but it’s still totally salvageable.

4- after you’ve applied to all 10 nails and allowed them to dry go in with your second coat now I did get quite a good coverage this time but, I could still see the light coming through underneath so I decided to go in with a third coat as well and you can see here why it’s such a popular color with me.

blue nails
blue nails

Blue Nails Design is great

it’s so rich and beautiful this design will work best with iridescent or color-shifting polishes now at this stage I started applying my OPI matte topcoat and came across a bit of a problem. I realized that it was actually taking some of the colors off and onto the brush which is not good because it’s going to end up ruining my matte topcoat and you can see here the blue on the brush, so I decided instead to apply a regular top coat and this is one that I’ve seen everyone using so I’ve just literally got it yesterday,

so I applied it to the remaining four nails to see if it would work better underneath the matte topcoat this was literally the first time I’d open the bottle and use it so I made a bit of a mess up with it really I applied too much at first I applied too little and I’m used to using my sesh feet, so I try to apply it like that and then started flooding the nail.

I had to start drawing the excess back off but that’s down to my technique and not the polish that was just me being a complete nutter numpty and if you make any mistakes or getting me on the skin then just use a brush dipped in acetone or nail polish remover to tidy up once the topcoat was dry and that was really fast because it is a quick-drying topcoat.

I applied my matte topcoat over the top of the glossy top coat if that makes sense and, I don’t know if it’s because, I applied it over the top of a glossy top coat but it seemed to dry really really quickly and you can actually see it turning matte it was kind of freaky to be honest with you if there are any areas around the cuticle area and, sidewalls that you haven’t gone right the way up to with the matte top coat and you can see a glossy line then just take a striping brush.

which I couldn’t seem to get the right amount on this one and just carefully apply it around the bottom it won’t leave a very obvious line so you don’t have to worry it’s less noticeable than having like a big glossy glowing line around your cuticle area and now it’s time to apply our crystals to the top of the nail we’re going to need a fine dotting tool I’m also using a crystal katana to help me pick up my crystals and caviar beads and then,

I’ve got silver caviar beads and Shroff’s key B crystals in SS v and SS 3 once you’ve decanted some topcoat onto a tile or a pad take your dotting tool and just apply a small amount at a time onto the nail to stick the crystals and caviar beads too now.

I hadn’t really planned this in great detail in my head I just had a rough idea of what I wanted to do so you don’t have to be too perfect so I just started picking up a selection of the SS 5 crystals and the SS 3 and then adding caviar beads either side of those and just to point out that.

I am using the glossy topcoat to stick these crystals and beads down with the matte topcoat just doesn’t hold them the same way and just keep applying the crystals in various sizes whatever you feel looks best for the design that you want to achieve and then use the caviar beads to fill in any little gaps in between and it makes it look really crystallized.

I only wanted to put this design on my ring finger and just to curve around the side of the cuticle area and sidewalls but you could do it however you prefer you could even do a full nail coverage if you want but from experience in my salon full nail coverage doesn’t last as well you tend to lose more crystals especially with polish so if you want to do this look for an event or a wedding or you want it to last.

I recommend trying to keep the crystals close to the bottom side of the nail, not the tip because they can get knocked off and this is the first stage finished and it is so pretty you could just leave it like this if you wanted but I want to make it extra special so on to stage two,

you’ll see that I just received an order from the US from bliss kiss with simply peel and simply Puran now it cost a fortune in shipping and import duty so this stuff better be good.

I first heard about this when everyone kept commenting on my water marbling video from two years ago saying simply peel MEK is no big deal and I have no idea what they meant of course now I do but I’ve got to say no one warned me it smells really fishy now.

I’m just applying this to my fingertips on the underside just in case I make a mess with the polish when I apply it and other than the slightly disturbing fishy smell it’s actually really easy to use and it surprised me how thin it was when I was applying it.

I found it much better than the usual glue-based barrier that I use in my other videos once you’ve applied it allow for it to dry and it will turn clear and sparkly with glitter when it’s dry and then,

I’m just going in with my peel-off base coat again and then some color club harp on it because who doesn’t love a bit of hollow once your peel-off base coat is dry on the underside of your tips go in with your hollow silver or you can use normal silver if you prefer, but I thought this would look much prettier.

I did flood the brush a little bit too much so with this it’s better to go less is more and then if you do get it spilling at all just going with an orangewood stick and take off the excess do you be careful when applying the base coat with it being a peel-off if it touches the liquid latex.

it will actually peel off once the silver is dry on the underside of all the nails we’re going to apply a little of the glossy top coat just in one area at a time with the dotting tool and this is so we can stick the crystals to it and I’m starting with the ss5 crystals going and aligned from the top to the bottom down the middle of the nail.

I find that’s easiest because it gives you a line to follow either side and mix the crystals look neater when you start to run out of space swap to the ss3 crystals which are smaller and then fill any the tiny gaps in with a couple of caviar beads just to keep that sparkle now I will say I know this isn’t the most practical idea but, it’s so pretty.

if you’ve got a special occasion a prom a wedding or something like that imagines how fantastic this would look at pictures unless you can encapsulate it.

We wouldn’t suggest this for everyday wear because it would have bacteria which would be pretty, to be honest, once you’ve peeled off your simply peel it’s all done, and then it looks so pretty and sparkly.

I just can’t stop staring at them and I’ve shown them to anyone who has come into contact with me basically. I know I need to get some better lights for filming because these just aren’t picking up the sparkle properly but they are absolutely stunning finish, with a slick of cuticle oil and, I’m giving this one a go I’m really loving it at the moment and just make sure you don’t get it. on the mat top coat because it will ruin that lovely matte effect but here is the finished look and these are so luxe they are just classy and elegant and when you turn them over and see that sparkle it’s just like wow thank you very much.

I add a twist to this I hope you enjoy this this is just such a classy design and I can tell you now all the crystals and caviar beads have lasted and I’ve been wearing it for over a day and doing everything that I usually do with my kids and in the house, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video please let me know if you give it a go this would look amazing encapsulated with acrylic or gels as well



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