What Happens When You Bite Your Nails Too Much?

What Happens When You Bite Your Nails Too Much?
What Happens When You Bite Your Nails Too Much?

What happens when you bite your nails too much?, Many people are not fully aware of their nail-biting behavior. They do this while reading emails or just plain watching television. Then you bite it and nibble away for a few minutes and spitting it out. It is a nasty and disgusting habit, but people don’t seem to care at all. It might be the perfect time to stop doing it and think about your health for a moment.

What happens when you bite your nails too much? When you bite your nails, all the bacterias found in your fingers will end up going inside your mouth and gut. It can cause different gastrointestinal complications that can lead to diarrhea and some abdominal pain.

In this short read, you will find out about the consequences of nail-biting and what does it say about you.

Harmful Consequences Of Nail Biting

For some people, they think that nail-biting is a harmless habit. But in reality, it can pose different illnesses beyond your manicure care. If you have this kind of habit, it is the perfect time to stop doing it and take care of your body. Here are some of the horrible consequence you will end up getting if you still bite your nails:

Nasty infections

If you bite a big chunk of the nail in your finger, you are exposing your delicate skin to different bacterias and pathogens. And you might be thinking this is such an exaggeration, but it is not, there are plenty of them. There are plenty of bacteria out there, and you are exposing your skin without any protection.

One common form of infection is paronychia. It can cause swelling, redness, pain, and some pus-filled lumps. It can be quite painful and can stick around for weeks. Biting your cuticles is the most common cause of this infection.


The saliva’s chemical composition breaks down fat and other food components. While this is good for digestion, it is not suitable for the skin of your fingertips. It can damage and inflame your skin if you are continually biting them using your mouth.


While exposing your fingernails to the bacteria inside your mouth, giving all the microorganisms found on your fingers is way worse. Your hands come into contact in different debris and pathogens. Also, there might be some that get stuck under your nails.

If you put those fingers inside your mouth, you are giving them access to transfer and get inside your body. It can lead to different illnesses from common colds to a serious stomach virus.


Overall, it is not sanitary to put your fingers to your mouth or vice versa. It only makes it worst than the general nail-biting habit. Who knows what stuff is inside those fingernails and you are only going to get sick if you still keep on doing it.

It is recommended to use bitter-tasting nail polish, this way you can reduce the appeal of nail-biting. Exercise and do some mindful meditation that will get your stress and anxiety out of your body.


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