What Is A Nail Activator?

Nail Activator
Nail Activator

Nail Activator, While at home, manicures are the cheapest way of nail application, regular nail polish will chip within days after its procedure. It is why a lot of brands out there have started to sell at-home nail kits that provide long-lasting and salon-quality manicures. One of these emerging trends is dip powder nail kits that provide a better at-home manicure method.

What is a nail activator? A nail activator is one of the steps in a nail dipping system. It reacts to the base and cures all layers of powder without using a UV/LED lamp. It helps to secure everything together and delivers a glass-like shine and protection for your nails.

You will know more about the nail dipping system and the science behind nail activators in achieving perfect nails. It will also discuss the best dip powder nail kits available for you to grab on.

Nail Dip Powder Manicures

A nail dip powder manicure is a long-lasting manicure that does not involve using UV light to harden. The colors come from dipping your nails into different pigmented powder rather than painting them on streaks of liquid. For this reason, it will look like a flawless and even coat.

Most nail dipping technique and procedure is often compared to the gel application. The difference between the gel and dip powder is longevity, as dip powder application can last up to months.

It is twice as long as the gel nail polish in comparison, and dip powder manicures do not require any light-curing lamps. It means that you do not need to worry about exposing yourself to UV light.

Are Dip Powders Nails Safe?

When it comes to safety, dip powder does not ruin your nails as they are perfectly safe. Just bear in mind that scraping and picking the manicure will ruin your nails. Chipping away at your nails using a nail stick can remove layers of your natural bed. As a result, it can drastically weaken and break your nails.

To safely remove dip powder nail polish, you need to stick to the same removal process as a gel procedure. You may dip a cotton ball in acetone and allow to sit on your nails for about 10 to 15 minutes before wiping the color away. If the color is not fading away, it needs more time to soak in acetone and let it sit for longer.

Applying Dip Powder Nail Polish

When applying dip powder on your own, it is essential to follow the steps in your nail kits. Following the steps below will provide you an idea of how to do it by yourself, even in the comfort of your home.

  1. First, you should prepare the nail by pushing the cuticles back and filling your nail to your desired shape.
  2. Most dip powder nail kits have a cleanser included. Use that cleanser to remove the oil and dirt from your nail bed.
  3. You are ready to apply a base coat to your nail once your nails are dry and properly cleaned.
  4. Once the base coat is applied, you can dip your nail one at a time to the desired powder color and use the duster brush to remove all the excess powder.
  5. Repeat this entire process one finger after the other, and make sure to double dunk your nail to ensure full coverage and a stronger finish.
  6. Last but not least, you need to paint your nails using the activator. The nail activator is responsible for making sure that the color powder is bonded into a lacquered gloss. Then, apply a top coat for an extra amount of strength.

Best Dip Powder Nail Kit

Nails have pretty much upgraded over the last few decades. It is from a traditional polish to gel manicures to out of the ordinary nail art. Expressing yourself using your nails always feels likes a necessity nowadays.

One of the top trends today is dip powder manicures – a base is applied onto a clean and dried nail and then dipped into a powder color of your choice.

Since its popularity, there are brands now that offer the same quality you get from a salon. Here are some of the top dip powder nail kits available online to give you a long-lasting and stronger nail polish:

Lavender Violets

Lavender Violets
Lavender Violets

Lavender Violets dip powder nail kit is best for a gel dip type, and it comes with a base, activator, brush saver, and topcoat. It provides the ease of dip powder that delivers gel nail results, which claims that this brand is chip resistant. The claim is that it causes no damage to your nail bed and keeps the color on for almost three weeks.


One of the best is Modelones nail dip powder kit for people who like to travel and bring their A-game when it comes to nail application. If you are the kind of person who is into neutrals, you will enjoy this kit


because it comes with six gray and nude colors for a minimalistic and chic look. It comes with free travel bad that fits all the powders, a dipping system, and a brush.



Azure Beauty


Azure Beauty
Azure Beauty

Azure Beauty is known for its best dip powder nail kit for beginners. It is the perfect kit if you are only staring at the dipping systems. If you do not own the basic tools, this dip set comes with the regular liquids and powders.




Also, it equips you with a wooden stick, buffer, nail file, cuticle oil, and a dust brush. This kind of set is a must-have because you will get all the equipment and tools you need to start with the nail dipping system.


Nail dipping kits are equipped with all the tools you need from the base coat to the nail activator. Nail activator is the key to ensuring that your nail coat will remain strong, so it is essential not to skip that step. Skipping the step will only lead your manicures to their destruction.

With the best nail dipping set available above, you are set for a new kind of journey where you can do it yourself and explore the beauty of dip powder manicures.


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