What Lasts Longer Gel Or Acrylic?

What Lasts Longer Gel Or Acrylic?
What Lasts Longer Gel Or Acrylic?

What Lasts Longer Gel Or Acrylic?, As nail technology keeps on rising every day, women can have so many things they can do when they visit a salon to get their nails done. If you are considering some false nail application, there are so many options to choose from with different varieties and designs.

What lasts longer gel or acrylic? Acrylic nails last longer than gel nails because acrylic nails are very sturdy, and it can last for a little while when applied correctly and handled with proper care.

In this article, you will learn about the differences between having gel nails over acrylic nails and which one can last longer.

Acrylic Vs. Gel

Acrylic nails and gel nails are one of the most popular artificial nail enhancements that were done correctly by nail aestheticians.

Gel nails are more on the glossy and natural look, while acrylic tends to be sturdy and can be very durable. Here are some differences comparing the two to know which one will be suited for you.

Differences In Application

When applying acrylic nails, a primer or a glue application technique is involved, then an artificial acrylic nail is put on top of the natural nail.

The curing time takes a while compared to gel nails. With proper application, primers do not damage the nait itself.

While on the other hand, gel nails are cured using a UV-light. Gel nails can be applied with or without a primer or a base.


When undergoing artificial nail enhancements, you should know that these types of services come in


different price ranges. Acrylic nails tend to be more affordable than gel nail application.


The comfortability level of acrylic nails is way low because of the dilemma that follows to the cuticle itself. But, gel nails are very delicate and light and act as a gel and take their shape themselves. It is why it is very good on hands.


Since you are adding an acrylic, it may be on the thicker aspect of it. If not done correctly, the applied acrylic nails can damage the original nail. While on the other hand, gel nails are flexible and not difficult on the touch.

After Effect

Overuse and incorrect application of the primer can lead to some serious effects on the original nail and the nail bed itself. It can also result in fungal infection if it is exposed to water for an extended period.

Gel nails are applied without primer and do not leave any strong impressions.


To conclude, when you are choosing between acrylic and gel products for your nails, you have to consider what will be more convenient for you. If you use your hands a lot and have brittle and thin nails, gel nails will be the recommended option.

It can withstand your active lifestyle and won’t do much damage. If you are looking for the one that lasts longer, you can always opt for acrylic because it lasts longer and is budget-friendly.






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