Why Should You Not Cut Nails At Night?

Cut Nails At Night
Cut Nails At Night

Cut Nails At Night, Cutting nails is one healthy practice because it helps in the accumulation of dirt and germs in the space between the nails and fingers. Though this practice has a good effect on us, there is an old saying that cutting your nails at night is prohibited. And since it comes from our parent’s beliefs, we tend to believe them too without asking them why it is so.

Why should you not cut nails at night? According to the old belief of Indians, cutting your nails at night might cause you harm. One of the reasons is the tools utilized during the time and the absence of electricity to provide light.

Is Cutting Nails At Night A Superstition?

A superstition is a mythical belief that doesn’t have any solid proof or rational explanation. We know that every society has a lot of superstitious beliefs. But as a person having the ability to process things on our own, even without some proof and concrete explanation, we believe and follow it. Therefore, we need to reflect on the science behind it to determine if it’s a superstition or not.

That is why one of the superstitions that many believe until now is cutting nails at night is prohibited. This superstition from India draws questions from many countries. Luckily, this superstition now has answers that will help younger generations to understand it more.

Reasons Why Cutting Nails At Night In The Past Is Prohibited

1. The primary reason why Indians prohibited their loved ones from cutting nails at night is that there wasn’t any electricity in the past. Meaning, during those days, they were much darker compared to today.

Making cutting nails during nightfall hither and thither plus it’s harder to collect and dispose of it. Plus, leftover nails are a threat to hygiene and might cause allergic reactions whenever it’s being mixed with foods.

2. During those days, there were no nail clippers, and what they used was only a knife. Since there is no electricity, they are prone to getting injuries and bleeding. And when they need medical assistance, it’s hard too, especially during the night. Therefore, cutting or trimming nails at night is prohibited.

3. Cutting nails at night can be connected to some religious beliefs too. It’s because they believe that during the evening, a goddess Lakshmi, can enter someone’s house.

That whenever she enters their homes, she will bless them with prosperity and wealth. Therefore, disposing of waste, giving away money like paying off debts and cutting nails, and even hair at night is prohibited. Resulting in these acts as disrespect to Goddess Lakshmi.

4. Black magic requires a broken nail piece or a piece of shirt worn by a person. Therefore, they believe that when nails fall on the ground, especially at night, the evil spirits can perform their black magic against the concerned person.


In general, cutting or trimming nails at night is only a superstition that came from India. Those listed reasons made us understand more why cutting or trimming nails at night is prohibited. This article made us realize that whatever reasons behind it, we need to respect whatever their belief is.





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